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1 Trickery Purview
1.1 Fool’s Gold
1.2 Incorrect Assumptions
1.3 Mirage
1.4 Perfect Crime
1.5 Many Faces
1.6 Apparition
1.7 Great Escape
1.8 Flawless Heist
1.9 Of Course They’re Real
1.10 Take My Word
1.11 The Rogue

Fool’s Gold

Trickery •

For L the Scion makes an inexpensive object appear to be something of great worth. A rock to a diamond, a leaf to a hundred dollar bill, an onion ring to a platinum wedding band. This effect wears off in legend hours.

Incorrect Assumptions

Trickery ••

It is often thought that the first assumptions about a person or a thing in the end turn out to be correct. The crafty Scions with this Boon of a Trickery purview aren’t in a hurry to reveal this idea as wrong. By spending 1 point of Legend, a Scion can name a detail about herself (for example, “I’m heavily armed and dangerous”, “No, of course I’m not a thief”, or “I’m really working in this game company”). Then, when someone encounters a Scion, he must roll Wits+Investigation roll penalized by Scion’s Legend. If he fails, then he is forced to take that detail at a face value and deal with it. The duration of this Boon is permanent until the Scion changes a detail by spending another Legend point.


Trickery •••

This Boon turns a Scion into a master of weaving illusions. For the cost of 1 Legend point, the Scion may create a visual illusion of anything which occupies no larger than (Legend) cubic feet. The copy is so perfect that it is literally impossible to recognize the fact that it’s illusion based on sight alone. It lasts for [Manipulation+Crafts successes rolled] hours, if Scion doesn’t dismiss it earlier.

Perfect Crime

Trickery ••••

The dream of an every thief in the world is a method of stealing that leaves no witnesses, no traces and carries no risks. The power of this Boon allows a Scion to steal a small object (roughly the size of a wallet or a gun) in his vicinity just by wishing for it and spending 1 Legend and 1 Willpower point. What’s more, if the item wasn’t been actively used, the target will recognize the fact that it’s stolen only by succeeding in Perception+Awareness roll against Dexterity+Larceny of a thief. While mundane items, Trophies and Relics that were stolen from other Scions are fair play, Scion’s personal relics (those he received as a Birthright) cannot be stolen in such a way as they are too tightly bound by Fate to him.

Many Faces

Trickery •••••

Many of the mythological tricksters happen to be shapeshifters. This Boon allows a Scion to alter his appearance. For each success achieved on [Appearance+Larceny roll] Scion may either radically change one of his visual features (such as skin or hair color) or somewhat alter his face (1 success is a minor alteration, 5 successes – totally new face). While this Boon can be used to mimic the face of a specific person, its usefulness is limited if a Scion and his target have different body complexions. The effects of this Boon last for a scene.


Trickery ••••• •

Touch, Smell, or Sound of 3.

Great Escape

Trickery ••••• ••

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Flawless Heist

Trickery ••••• •••

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Of Course They’re Real

Trickery ••••• ••••

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Take My Word

Trickery ••••• •••••

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The Rogue

Trickery Avatar

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Scion: Titans by Moonlight Seraph