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Scions gathered in order to research and seek out artifacts which might stop the Titans, the Moon Foundation is a relatively newly formed group. The four founders of the Moon Foundation were once a band of Scions who fought Titanspawn some ten years prior. They drifted apart as they grow to importance in the mortal world. Sensing anew their calling, they banded together once more, to provide backing for younger Scions who could fight the battles they once did.

1 The Founders
1.1 Ishaq Asten
1.2 Ingrid MacAuliffe-Masaru
1.3 Takumi Masaru
1.4 Juris Palaga
2 The Liaisons
2.1 Skah Buffalo-Walker
2.2 Ash Kelly
2.3 Jerimiah Roth
2.4 Dejean Winters

The Founders

While they may seem like a shadowy, somewhat suspicious group, the Moon Foundation has nothing but positive intent for their actions. Unlike the Hosts of Vegas, the Moon Foundation doesn’t believe that isolationism and neutrality with the Titans will really be possible. Instead, they banded together to first fight Titanspawn. Then, once they grew to importance in the mortal world, they began to work as a backing organization for Scions they felt could have an impact. Those Scions became the second-tier of the Moon Foundation hierarchy. Now, the third-tier of Scions has been recruited to do research and acquisition on and of relics which may yet stop the Titans from destroying the world.

Ishaq Asten

A Scion of Thoth who has risen to Demigod status. He is one of the founding members of the Moon Foundation and often serves as its driving force.

Ingrid MacAuliffe-Masaru

Ingrid is the wife of Takumi Masaru, also a founding member of the Moon Foundation. Together they form the “Mother and Father” backbone of the foundation, often taking the most direct contact with those in their employ and watching out for the needs of those individuals, rather than more monetary concerns.

Takumi Masaru

Scion of Tsuki-yomi and husband of Ingrid MacAuliffe-Masaru, Takumi Masaru is one of the founding members of the Moon Foundation. He thinks of those working for him as children or relatives to be provided for and makes every effort to care for them. He can be somewhat manic depressive at times, though, and it is only his wife’s steadiness which keeps him from giving up on his goals during his weakest hours.

Juris Pilaga

A bit earthy. Founding member of the Moon Foundation. Most of his investments are based on land ownership.

The Liaisons

Four of first Scions recruited by the founders of the Moon Foundation, the group called “The Liaisons” works as, unsurprisingly, the go-betweens between the founders and those Scions chosen to work in the field. Each of the Liaisons has a great deal of experience fighting Titanspawn, but none has advanced to demi-godhood.

Skah Buffalo-Walker

Skah is well aware that he is a child of prophecy. Afterall, a white buffalo calf was born on the very same day as he on the very same farm in the very same reservation. He and the calf have traveled together since that day. His mother, White Buffalo Woman, has been known to him through all those years, though most did not believe him when he told them. He joined the Moon Foundation at her behest and often serves as the most jovial liaison of that group.

Ash Kelly

Once, Ash was in the IRA. She was arrested but never tried. When Ash was 20, Aranrhiod returned with a new message. “Join the Scions called the Moon Foundation, my daughter. They seek a way to return our foes to slumber, that of the imprisoned or that of the dead. You will be of use to them.” Ash could not say no to her beloved mother and set out, taking her partner, Jerimiah Roth, with her. Now Ash works with a group of Scions, keeping them in contact with the Moon Foundation’s leaders.

Jerimiah Roth

Jeremiah is a Scion who works in much the same capacity as Ash Kelly, serving as a liaison for the Moon Foundation. He has a crew cut and a bit of a sour face.

Dejean Winters

Dejean is a bit of the strong silent type. He, like Ash Kelly, works as a liaison for the Moon Foundation, but unlike her he doesn’t make nearly as much contact with his charges and remains rather stoic in most situations. According to his peers, though, he can really cut loose and be a great guy at times. If this is true, it has yet to be seen.

The Moon Foundation

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