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1 Star Purview
1.1 Shining Star
1.2 Wheel in the Sky
1.3 Seven Sisters Song
1.4 Straight on ‘til Morn’
1.5 Starrider
1.6 Fire in the Sky
1.7 Lucy in the Sky
1.8 Stellar
1.9 Star’s Death
1.10 Two Minutes ‘til Midnight
1.11 The Supernova

Shining Star

Star •

For 1 legend, the user shines with the brightness of a star, with the added bonus of revealing hidden objects and individuals.

Wheel in the Sky

Star ••

For 2 legend and 1 willpower, the user may gaze into the sky and be told a story by the constellations.

Seven Sisters Song

Star •••

The user can spend 2 legend and 1 willpower to move the constellations to convey a message.

Straight on ‘til Morn’

Star •••• When stellar alignments occur, the scion gains 1 legend per scene that the alignment lasts.


Star •••••

For 5 legend and 2 willpower, the user may hide in starlight, becoming impervious to damage.

Fire in the Sky

Star ••••• •

FOr 6 legend, the user may burn with the heat of a star for legend rounds. This power cannot harm the atmosphere.

Lucy in the Sky

Star ••••• ••

For 5 legend and 2 willpower, the Scion may speak with the stars. Those stars which are further away react more slowly and have less current information, but those stars which are closer often have short attention spans and less accumulated knowledge.


Star ••••• •••

For 8 legend and 4 willpower, the user may exert the gravitational pull of a star the size of the Sun. Scions may determine if this affects only other individuals or the entirety of their surroundings. The effect lasts legend rounds.

Star’s Death

Star ••••• ••••

For 10 legend and 4 willpower, a force wave with the properties of Fire in the Sky and Shining star, which travels legend in yards in a spherical form.

hr3. Two Minutes ‘til Midnight

Star ••••• •••••

For 15 legend and 8 willpower, the user becomes a living black hole, working as Stellar with doubled intensity and causing instant death to individuals of no legend rating and legend in damage to beings with lower legend.

The Supernova

Star Avatar

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