Rule Changes

-Each dot of relic will provide extra access to purviews in order to increase the power level of a 5 dot relic.

-You can purchase Craft: Element and Science: General as viable specialties.

-Legend may not be purchased, but will be awarded.

-Untouchable Opponent adds +Epic Dexterity dots, not +Epic Dexterity successes.

-ArĂȘte cannot exceed Ability until 5. Past 5, no special limit. Arete is especially potent at lower levels; this keeps things in line somewhat. Given Arete requires 3 to even purchase, this is not a major limit.

-ArĂȘte gets a one XP cost break on each level if it is modifying an Associated Ability.

-Perception adds to firearms damage

-1-dot Relic Bauble – meant to be something important to the character rather than the god.

Rule Changes

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