Known Relics

While the party has not necessarily encountered all of these relics, they are “Known” to be in the world. In other words, they are at the very least rumored to exist even if their location and abilities are unknown.

In the Party’s Possession

The Dreamer’s Chronograph

Spéir Scian

The Loaded Deck

Might of Hephaestus

Clockwork Owl

Servant of the Muses

Youso No Yougu

Masque of Dionysus

Message Orb

Dragon’s Molt Lamellar

Cog of Activation

Known to the Party

The Return to Home


Blade of the Maker

Revolver of Destinies


Orichalcum Blades of Atlantis

Seed of the Tree of Life

Branch of the World Tree

Gefion’s Blessing

Known Relics

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