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Many Gods have enjoyed the thrill of the Hunt. Some taught primitive man the finer points of hunting, others served as the hunters of the gods, be it for justice or fun. Beings of this power have ways of working that are beyond mortal understand, but there is no doubt that they are best at what they do. Note: There are hunting gods in all pantheons, such as Artemis. Feel free to look into other sources to see if your god applies. (Placeholder: Taken from the White Wolf Wiki fan purview, edit as needed)

1 Hunt Purview
1.1 Hunter’s Knowledge
1.2 Senses of the Wild
1.3 Hunter’s Hounds
1.4 Orion’s Knowledge
1.5 Eyes of the Prey
1.6 Atlanta’s Hounds
1.7 The Most Dangerous Prey
1.8 Manhunter
1.9 Acteon’s Punishment
1.10 The Wild Hunt
1.11 The Hunter

Hunter’s Knowledge

Hunt •

For spending 1L the character can gain knowledge about a mundane animal. This knowledge includes habits, likely dens, typical hunting strategies, typical flight strategies, dangerous attributes, diet, and activity cycle. The hunter need not have any prior knowledge of the animal. May only be used once per scene.

Senses of the Wild

Hunt ••

For 1L and 1W, enhances three senses of a Scion to match those of animals with exemplary traits. For example, the hearing of a bat, sight of a hawk, and smell of a bloodhound. This boon doubles the effects of epic-perception and adds up to three bonus dice (at ST’s discretion) to awareness checks.

Hunter’s Hounds

Hunt •••

For 3L and 1W, this boon provides the hunter with a pack of mundane animals to serve as accomplices in his or her hunt. The size of the animals affects the number, so that a Scion might get 3 wolves or 6 beagles or a single bear for the same cost. The companions are made up of the legend expended and disappear at the end of a scene. While the animals cannot speak, the fact that they are of the Scion’s legend provides legend in bonuses to any checks to interpret what the animal is attempting to convey.

Orion’s Knowledge

Hunt ••••

For 3L the Scion gains knowledge of a legendary animal (be it Nemean, Divine, or Titanspawn of less than human intelligence). This functions as per Hunter’s Knowledge.

Eyes of the Prey

Hunt •••••

The hunter, by spending 4L and 1W, may sense anything their prey senses. This includes emotions and (upon ST discretion) some surface level thoughts. It certainly includes spoken words, sights, temperature, and other such details. The Scion also gains some knowledge of where the prey has been and where they are in relation to the user (again, at ST discretion). Does not work against individuals of higher legend.

Atlanta’s Hounds

Hunt ••••• •

For 6L and 2W, the Scion summons magical versions of the hunting hounds from the earlier boon. These hounds may be magical (be they, for example, intelligent, speaking, or nigh unkillable) or they be Divine or Nemean. Examples include three golden wolves which speak to their summoner, a nemean bear, or a flight of divine hawks. Otherwise the boon functions as Hunter’s Hounds. May also provide larger numbers of animals for Hunter’s Hounds.

The Most Dangerous Prey

Hunt ••••• ••

As per Orion’s Knowledge and Hunter’s Knowledge, for 7L and 3W, this boon provides full knowledge of a specific sentient species (such as Fire Giants).


Hunt ••••• •••

As per The Most Dangerous Prey, for 8L and 3W, the Scion gains full knowledge of a specific individual of a sentient species. This includes the Titans.

Acteon’s Punishment

Hunt ••••• ••••

For 12L and 4W, the Scion may transform any being of lesser legend into a prey animal. The prey animal is determined by the ST, but is also somewhat defined by the legend of the victim. The higher the victim’s legend, the more likely that they will appear as a Nemean, Divine, or otherwise magical version of a prey animal.

The Wild Hunt

Hunt ••••• •••••

For 15L and 7W, the Scion may summon a veritable horde of hunting accomplices, ranging from mundane to sentient to magical. These individuals are linked directly to the Scion, who is aware of what they are aware of.

The Hunter

Hunt Avatar

The Hunter induces atavistic terror in all those who look upon it. Those terrified will react as many prey animals do, either freezing or fleeing blindly. The hunter is more than capable of dispatching these individuals. At any moment, The Hunter may carry any weapon traditionally used in the hunt, but instead of merely piercing flesh, this weapon wounds the soul of its victims. The Hunter is always accompanied by an unstoppable tide of animals and magical beings which composes The Hunter’s Wild Hunt.


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