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Dreams have long been a captivating other realm to mortals. The oracles used them to predict the future, the gods used them to convey messages, and titanspawn used them to torment hapless victims. A Scion or God accessing this purview taps into the powerful essence of dreams, allowing them to reach out across great distances and to create things only seen by the mind’s eye.

1 Dream Purview
1.1 More Than Lucid
1.2 Walk The Dream
1.3 Dreams of Legend
1.4 Slumber Cage
1.5 Krueger’s Blades
1.6 Van Winkle’s Boon
1.7 Nighty-night
1.8 Dreams Made Flesh
1.9 Slipped From Dreams
1.10 Dreams Come True
1.11 The Sleeper
2.3 Reverie Axis
2.9 Memetic Phantasm

More Than Lucid

Dream •

A Scion with this boon may choose to enter a sleep-like state at will. For 1W, the Scion may cause any dream in this state, or during true sleep, into a lucid dream. This also allows the Scion some level of ability to fight back should their dreams be invaded. The Scion may also spend 1W to wake up from a normal dream; if they have already spent willpower to make their dream lucid, this action is free.

Walk The Dream

Dream ••

A Scion who spends 1L to activate this boon may travel the world of dreams and enter the dreams of another. They may convey a message, but for each period of minutes equal to the Scion’s legend spent in another’s dream, the Scion must spend 1W to remain conscious of themselves or be swept up into the dream and remain without control until the dreamer wakes naturally. Alternately, perception + integrity may be rolled to resist the urges induced by the dream.

Is This Real Life?

Dream •••

Dreams are fertile ground for legendary deeds. Acts that would be nigh impossible in the waking world become child’s play. A Scion with this boon regains willpower when their actions cause others to question if they are awake or dreaming.

Slumber Cage

Dream ••••

For 2L and 1W, the Scion may trap a dreamer within his or her dreams. This works two-fold. First, the Scion may take full control of another’s dream as if it were their own so long as the victim has less legend, cutting the willpower to remain lucid (as per Walk the Dream) within said dream to 1 per legend hours. Second, if the victim has less legend than the Scion, then the victim cannot wake from the dream until the Scion releases them or fails to spend the willpower to retain their lucid state within the dream. Additionally, should the user of this boon awake, their victim is instantly freed.

Krueger’s Blades

Dream •••••

Spending 2L and 1W, the Scion causes her victim’s dreams to affect them like the real world would. If the victim is injured in their dream, the injury will be reflected upon their waking body.

Van Winkle’s Boon

Dream ••••• •

The Scion in possession of this boon gains up to legend in extra health levels while sleeping. If they must use these health levels, however, it lowers their temporary legend by an amount equal to the health levels used when they awake.


Dream ••••• ••

For 2L and 1W, the Scion may force all those near them, so long as they are of lesser legend, to sleep. For an extra 1L and 1W, they may induce a dream state in all affected. This 1L and 1W may be waived if the subjects are willing.

Dreams Made Flesh

Dream ••••• •••

For 5L and 1W, the Scion may pull any object that they can carry from their dreams. They must roll perception + integrity (with the complexity and size of the object raising the number of successes needed and the difficulty) to determine if the item is whole and functional.

Slipped From Dreams

Dream ••••• ••••

For 6L and 1W, the world around the Scion begins to take on the aspect of dreams. Individuals of lesser legend than the Scion and relics which are not the birthrights of higher legend individuals are affected. Features are exaggerated or entirely replaced to better reflect the nature of an individual. Items may become animate or begin to speak. This effect lasts for one scene or until the Scion dismisses it.

Dreams Come True

Dream ••••• •••••

At a cost of 10L and 1W, the Scion may pull any non-sentient, non-legendary item they can dream of from their dreams with only one success on a perception + integrity roll. For a further 10L and 3W, the Scion may pull sentient beings from their dreams; if not previously legendary, these creatures gain legendary status as per The Best Trick (Illusion 10). Relics may be created in this way only upon ST approval.

The Sleeper

Dream Avatar

The Sleeper is a vaguely humanoid being, whose features are in constant flux. The only feature which is constant is that the Sleeper’s eyes are never open. The Sleeper appears to drift through any space and all those who look upon the Sleeper fall comatose. When the Sleeper is angered, the nightmares of all nearby come to life. When the Sleeper is pleased, their greatest wishes come true, if only until the Sleeper departs.

Reverie Axis

Dream ••• – alternate

Reverie Axis costs 1 legend to activate. A Scion using this boon makes an perception + integrity roll to include two sleeping individuals per success into a single dream, allowing them to become lucid within the joint dream. Those who do not wish to be included in the dream may spend 1 willpower or roll perception + integrity to resist. Once others are in the single dream state, the boon user may bring them along into a dream entered through Walk the Dream, although each individual must spend their own willpower cost to remain lucid in this external dream.

Memetic Phantasm

Dream ••••• •••• – alternate

For 5L and 1W, may invoke an effect similar to that of Nighty-Night, save that all those who fall asleep are drawn into a single dream similar to the effect of Reverie Axis. The key difference from Reverie Axis, however, is that while each individual is within the shared dreamscape, they are not immediately given a lucid state. The boon’s user may use other boons to bring those in the dream to lucidity or Scions with Dream boons may use their boons to gain lucidity.


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