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1 Added Purviews
1.1 Artifice
1.2 Dream
1.3 Hunt
1.4 Karma
1.5 Me
1.6 Quest
1.7 Star
1.8 Trickery
1.9 Weapon
1.10 Frost


Blah Blah Blah, I’m the Artifice Purview.


Dreams have long been a captivating other realm to mortals. The oracles used them to predict the future, the gods used them to convey messages, and titanspawn used them to torment hapless victims. A Scion or God accessing this purview taps into the powerful essence of dreams, allowing them to reach out across great distances and to create things only seen by the mind’s eye.


Many Gods have enjoyed the thrill of the Hunt. Some taught primitive man the finer points of hunting, others served as the hunters of the gods, be it for justice or fun. Beings of this power have ways of working that are beyond mortal understand, but there is no doubt that they are best at what they do. Note: There are hunting gods in all pantheons, such as Artemis. Feel free to look into other sources to see if your god applies. (Placeholder: Taken from the White Wolf Wiki fan purview, edit as needed)


Blah Blah Blah, I’m the Karma Purview.


Blah Blah Blah, I’m the Me Purview.


The Pantheon Specific Purview of the Mabignogi Pantheon, centering on the Arthurian device of Questing.


The Stars have always held a special sway on the hearts of men. As the sun sets and the moon rises, they are arrayed liked diamond upon black velvet. Those gods that hold the stars in their hands consider even themselves blessed. Associated with Atum-Re, Zeus, Tezcatlipoca, Tsuki-yomi, Maiden. (Placeholder: Taken from the White Wolf Wiki fan purview, edit as needed)


Trickery is a Purview dealing with illusions, magical appearance alteration and non-legal acts. Although each of the Trickery Boons has much potential for malicious use, that need not be the case with your Scion. After all, in the original myths, be it the wanderings of Odysseus or Coyote’s pranks, the cunning of heroes had allowed them to get ultimately positive results, which couldn’t be achieved if they used more “honest” ways. (Placeholder: Taken from the White Wolf Wiki fan purview, edit as needed)


The Weapon Purview has to do with weapons… Duh.


Frost forms in the absence of heat. This purview allows control over the bitter cold destined to befall the world during Fimbulwinter.

Added Purviews

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