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1 Added Pantheons
1.1 Mabinogi
1.2 Anunnaki
1.3 Jain
1.4 Devas
1.5 Atua
1.6 Dreamtime
1.7 Apukuna
1.8 Anasazi
1.9 Manitou


The Mabinogi take their name from their mad queen of dreams, Mab. They hail from Wales and have a longstanding alliance with the Tuatha, though Mab secretly hopes to someday supplant The Morrigan as the most feared and revered goddess of the isles. While many of the Mabinogi continue to swear fealty to their wild queen, not all share her love of death and madness. Aranrhiod and Rhiannon, especially, tend toward seeking freedom, love, and life rather than follow in their matriarch’s footsteps. This can make for wild clashes within the Mabinogi, but the group remains solid when dealing with outside threats.


The Anunnaki hail from the one of the birthplaces of human civilization and home to one of the first great empires, Babylon. They guided the empire’s rise with their devotion to law and order, but were far from harsh or cruel gods. Like the Egyptian and Japanese gods, they believe that in order, there is hope for continued growth. Unlike the Egyptian or Japanese gods, however, the Anunnaki are heavily concerned with both the environment and the advancement of technology, both in unison and to the detriment of one another.


Blah Blah Blah, I’m the Jain Pantheon.


The Devas, born of the Indian sub-continent, a trinistic gods who find balance and enlightenment through their actions. Their encourage their Scions and followers to do likewise.


The Atua are the gods of the Pacific, primarily centered around the islands of Hawaii. They range from the fiery Pele to the surfer Kāmohoalii, but all are uniquely of the islands.


Both more illusory and more real than the people who follow them, the gods of the Dreamtime hail from Australia.




Added Pantheons

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