Liasion for the Moon Foundation and ex-IRA member.


Full Name: Aisling Cinnia Kelly

Aliases: Ash, ACK, J. Williams, Terrorist

Calling: Ex-Terrorist, Titan Fighter

Nature: Bravo

Pantheon: Mabinogi

God: Aranrhiod


Physical Social Mental
Strength ••• Charisma ••• Perception ••••
Dexterity ••••(X) Manipulation •• Intelligence •••
Stamina ••• Appearance •••(X) Wits ••••(X)


Academics ••
Art (Poetry) ••
Awareness •••
Control (Car) ••
Empathy ••
Fortitude •••
Integrity ••
Marksmanship ••
Melee •••
Politics ••
Presence ••
Stealth ••
Survival •••


  • English
  • Gaelic
  • Greek
  • Welsh


The Dreamer’s Chronograph ••• Access Moon, Dream Purviews, provides one point unique power to appear as any age
Content Not Found: speirscian •• Access Psychopomp, Sky Purviews
Trenchie •• Provides 2B 3L soak


  • Content Not Found: speirscian (Spd 5/Acc 8/Dmg 8L/Def +1)
  • Peacemaker (Spd 3/Acc 8/Dmg 4L/Rng 20)


Control the Everchanging World Dream •
Walk the Sleeping World Dream ••
Trap the Sleeper Dream •••
Smoking Mirror Moon •
Unerring Orientation Psychopomp •
Sky’s Grace Sky •

Willpower ••••••••


Courage ••••
Expression •••


  • Cat’s Grace
  • Lasting Impression
  • Social Chameleon


  • Dodge Pool: 7
  • Join Battle: 7


Bashing 5 Lethal 4


Trenchie 2B 3L

Legend •••

Legend Points: 9/9


  • Total: 29
  • Spent: 29
  • Remaining: 0

Ash Kelly is the Scion of Aranrhiod. She spent her childhood growing up in southern Ireland without a mother and with a father who worked long hard hours to give his daughter a chance a decent life. Ash’s youth was spent, nominally, at a girl’s school in Northern Ireland. It was during the latter period during which she joined the IRA. While she joined the group during their waning years, that fact didn’t stop Ash from feeling passionately about the issues which spurred the group’s foundation. Nor did it stop her from finding ways to gain a criminal record. Luckily for Ash, nothing she had been convicted of was so dire that she drew a heavy sentence and upon her 18th birthday she was emancipated.

That same night, Ash finally discovered that her father was not wrong in his descriptions of Ash’s mother. The woman was indeed an unrivaled ethereal beauty; what else could the Goddess of Dreams, Aranrhiod be. On that night, Aranrhiod claimed her wayward Scion and set her on a new path. Ash was charged to seek out a new home in preparation of a time during which the goddess would have need of her daughter. Ash still recalls the words the conversation ended on. “Be well my daughter, for I do not have so many children that I can allow them to wander astray. I cannot protect you always, but know that I shall be with you whenever you dream.”

With that and the delivery of gifts, the relics called The Dreamer’s Chronograph and Spéir Scian, Aranrhiod was gone. Ash, knowing that if she remained in her home country she would be closely watched by the authorities, left her homeland with only a pause to farewell her father. Before long, she found herself in New York, still a possessor of a criminal record, but without the nationalistic fires burning on all sides of her. Before long, she’d become the partner of another Scion, a son of the god Lugh, and set about hunting Titanspawn throughout North America.

A few years later, when Ash was 20, Aranrhiod returned with a new message. “Join the Scions called the Moon Foundation, my daughter. They seek a way to return our foes to slumber, that of the imprisoned or that of the dead. You will be of use to them.” Ash could not say no to her beloved mother and set out, taking her partner with her…


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