The OTHER Old Game

Real Estate Wars Edit Delete Pornographers beware! February 22, 2008 04:08

Ready to go on the offensive against their enemies, the group set out to stop the transfer of lands. Unfortunately, they had to do it without Alex who was called away by the whims of his celestial father.

Undaunted, the group came up with a several staged plan. The first step of the plan was to case the bunker itself, checking for entry points. The second was to see if the transaction was indeed complete. Third, was to use the aforementioned information to get the drop on the Panzertaur creating villains.

Rosemary discovered plans for the building, which had formerly been a warehouse and was now in the ownership of a pornographer who also owned real estate in the nearby red light district. Sinclair also pulled up information and between the two of them, they’d mapped out any ways into and out of the bunker.

Next, Ash and Tasha physically inspected the location. After some time, the group met up and ended up breaking in to the now-empty bunker. The group ended up heading the the pornographer’s grand mansion to check in with the seller.

The ended up leaving him comatose and tied up after Tasha very nearly fed him his nethers. The group used the plans they’d found there with those they’d researched earlier. Sinclair also found himself in possession of the deed of the bunker.

Leaving Ash, Tasha, and Rosemary to install surveillance equipment into the bunker, Sinclair set up a meet with the broker who was handling the deal to sell the bunker. Unfortunately, the man from the “brick factory” also showed up. Sinclair verbally jousted with him for a time, but eventually called Tasha for backup, just in case.

Tasha and Sinclair then followed the man to a small cafe, where Tasha ruined the man’s meal and spent more time verbally sparring. That done, the team regrouped back at the now taken-over pornographer’s mansion. 0 comments Underground Showdown Edit Delete Panzertaur blitzkreig! December 30, 2007 03:05 The secret bunker…

Back in Hamburg, the group sat down to hash out their next move. The merits of heading east, going back to Hameln, and staking out the camp once more, were debated and the end vote left the group staying in Hamburg.

They staked out the grounds and witnessed a trenchcoated man, much like the ones they had seen in Hameln, headed into the camp. The man vanished into the buildings and the group followed at a distance. Tasha, Rosemary, and Sinclair followed him through the camp and back to the tunnels through which they had previously reached the brick making area and underground garage. Meanwhile, Ash and Alex circled around to the warehouse exit.

In the brick-room, the party found what appeared to be one of the “robomen,” However, he was decayed and covered in blood. Th group paused to inspect the body, but Tasha got into the kiln and headed down. There, she discovered a room full of robomen and a man grafted to a panzer tank… A Panzertaur.

The robomen charged Tasha, who radioed her problem to the group, while firing into the crowd. Sinclair and Ash, from opposite ends of the complex, both moved to attack. In the meantime, Tasha killed a few of the robomen.

Sinclair arrived and began fighting the advancing robomen, while Tasha focused on the Panzertaur, which had been aiming at Tasha since she appeared. She inflicted damage upon it and the tank-man returned fire, but failed to harm the Scions.

On the other end of the room, Ash arrived and attacked several of the roboman on that side of the room. She assaulted them, first shooting and then stabbing the titanspawn. Sinclair took out a roboman and Tasha continued her assault on the Panzertaur.

At this point, Rosemary arrived and was promptly latched on to by a roboman. While in this clinch, she was injected with a poison, but her fortitude prevented her from dying.

Sinclair and Ash did significant damage to the robomen, but the crowning achievement of the group was Tasha downing the Panzertaur, which promptly implode-disintegrated. The robomen, sensing that things wee going ill, hit their retreat buttons and began to teleport out. However, the party grabbed one of the bodies and ran it out of range, granting themselves a way to research.

Using the Moon Foundation’s resources, they found a coroner who was sympathetic to their needs and began to cut up the bodies. The roboman they’d retrieved had leaked both oil and blood and had, beneath the recall button, a golden (in color, not element) chess piece (a pawn). The other body had been dead longer and apparently lacked many of the things that made robomen into robomen. At the same time, Alex discovered, through a lawyer contact, that Hitler’s old Hamburg bunker had been purchased by an anonymous party. 0 comments Splitting the Difference Edit Delete Two Objectives are better than one? December 24, 2007 05:27 The unsuspecting town of Hameln…

Alex arrived shortly after the group returned to their hotel. After some mockery over his detention, the group set out to come up with their next move. Alex spoke with some lawyers, Rosemary went back to her research, Ash contacted the Moon Foundation, Sinclair spoke with locals, and Tasha got laid.

The group, seeing that they had two potential roads decided it might be best to split up in order to follow up on those options. The first group, consisting of Sinclair, Tasha, and Alex, would head to Hamlin and investigate the disappearances. Ash and Rosemary would stake out the grounds of the camp, to see if they could discover the cause of the tracks.

In Hameln, Team A found out that local children, mostly of German heritage, had been disappearing for over a year. During that time, two Pied Pipers had been in the town; both were employed to reenact the ancient story. The elder piper had died mysteriously about six months before Team A’s arrival, but the disappearances had continued. They decided to stake out the reenactment which was set to happen Sunday morning.

Back in Hamburg, Rosemary and Ash watched the camp’s grounds through the day and into the night. Nothing in particular happened out of the ordinary for most of that time and it seemed as though the mysterious brick factory was inactive, as well. However, as the night grew late and elderly man approached the grounds and stared wistfully at what had once been a Nazi death camp.

Rosemary, putting on her best friendly old German lady act, spoke with him and discovered that he had indeed once worked at the camp. He voiced regret over his part and mostly seemed haunted by it. He knew of the brick maker but didn’t seem to think anything suspicious was going on. All in all, it wasn’t the most productive night.

On Sunday, in Hameln, Team A watched the reenactment like hawks, watching for anything out of the ordinary. Everything went as expected, though, and the group was at a loss. Before leaving Hameln, though, they decided to do some sleuth work, calling Rosemary and Ash for aid in their research. With the help of the girls in Hamburg, they researched the history of the disappearances and discovered that many of the couples whose children had disappeared had broken up, committed suicide, or moved away to the east.

Just as the boys (and Tasha) were readying to leave, three mysterious men in trenchcoats appeared behind them in an alley. As Team A debated what to do, the men grabbed several tourists. The group sprang into action, but it was too late. The trenchcoated men suddenly sprouted some sort of handlebar or tube and used those tubes to inject the tourists, who quickly became slavering lunatics who attacked the group. With some clever thinking, the group managed to avoid most of the problem, with Sinclair and Tasha taking down the “trenchcoated robomen” (Nazis in Disguise) before they could do much more damage.

Unfortunately, each of the robomen hit a button on his chest (or had it pressed by another of his fellows) and teleported away. With quick thinking, Sinclair, Tasha, and Alex ran out into the main streets, bringing the raving tourists into sight of the authorities. The raving tourists were soon arrested and Team A returned to Hamburg. 0 comments Ah, Hamburg Edit Delete Ich bin ein… December 22, 2007 03:37 Hamburgers!

The party, minus Alex who was held up for being a Mexican lawyer, showed up in Germany in the bustling city of Hamburg. “McGonagall” immediately set to researching both local history and current events. There were rumors of something going on in Hameln, “the forests to the east,” and right there in Hamburg. Meanwhile, Sinclair did some ground-pounding and checked out the local museums, markets, and landmarks. He, too, found some rumors out about Hamburg itself, as well as recalling the existence of an old Nazi Internment Camp near the city.

Given those facts, “McGonagall,” Ash, Sinclair, and Tasha agreed that it seemed like a good idea to check out the local leads first. And chief amongst those was the museum at the Neuengamme Camp. At the museum, the group moved through the area checking out the museum and chatting with other tourists and employees. One girl, in particular, dropped hints that an old man frequently was spotted staring wistfully at the camp. The group took this to be noteworthy and made plans to follow up.

But first, they decided to check out the camp at night. After watching guards patrol the area for a while, they spotted a man in black walking past and in between the buildings. Tasha made her way into the camp first, followed soon thereafter by Sinclair, Ash, and “McGonagall.” They followed the man into a break room and through a trap door in the floor. This led to a set of underground tunnels with no light. Some of the group could see in the darkness and noticed that there seemed to be no monitoring equipment, so they moved forward, following a distant light and the sound of footsteps.

As they moved through the tunnels, they came upon what was apparently an old Nazi trap, well up-kept. It was a pit that opened as the group walked across it and Sinclair ended up falling in as Ash and Tasha leapt across easily and “McGonagall” reached the other side safely with a little help. It was easy enough for Sinclair to get out, but the party’s hopes of being silent were dashed.

As they moved further into the tunnels, the party began to hear sounds of machinery working. Finally, they reached a corner around which was the mysterious man and a load of machinery, including a kiln, partially-walled conveyor belt, and engines. The group confronted the man, who confessed to being a brick-maker who flecked bricks made in the kiln with gold. Tasha decided to look around, which made the man nervous and he asked that she not be allowed to “get in the kiln.” The group thought that was odd but didn’t follow up at the time. After a time, the man and the group came to the end of their conversation and he led them from the machine room, past the trap, and back to the edge of the compound.

It was then that the group voiced their suspicions and realized that they hadn’t gotten his name. Tasha solved that by breaking into his car and the group grew more suspicious of the man, especially when he inspected the car and returned to the camp. Eventually, they headed back into the tunnels, sneaking past the the guards, and followed it to the room. The man was missing and the machines were off, though he had clearly entered here. Nothing particular could be pointed out as amiss until Tasha climbed into the kiln and hit a button, falling through to a hidden lower level. As she hit, automatic lights flashed on in the new corridor. Tasha moved down the hall, with the rest of the group following, and discovered a large garage which had a tunnel which led up and out into the warehouses near the camp. The garage had the smell of exhaust in it and oil on the ground, as well as a gas pump in one corner, but nothing living was present save for the group.

Begrudgingly, they exited through the new tunnel and emerged into the warehouse area. There they found the tracks of a large truck and little other evidence. Frustrated for the moment, they returned to their hotel to plan their next action. 0 comments In Jolly Old England Edit Delete There’s something on the side of the bus… December 20, 2007 00:01 The Sinclair Estate…

The tickets provided by the Moon Foundation got the group to England with no real problems, though Ash showed up at the airport as a 12-year-old version of herself, just in case the UK had her on the no-fly list. When the group arrived at the airport, “McGonagall” got her Jeep and offered to drive the group to Sinclair’s estate.

Along the way, they ran into a slight problem as something appeared in the road before them. They stopped the Jeep and went in reverse to find a way around, but the illusion dropped. Annoyed, they headed forward again, only to discover that as they passed the point of the illusion several creatures had latched on to the sides of the vehicle.

Their identity became clear quickly, as the Jeep suddenly sputtered and died. While the momentum of the Jeep kept it moving forward, “Erica” jumped out of the rear passenger door and hit the ground rolling. Three of the gremlins dropped off to attack her and another four remained latched onto the Jeep.

Pissed that the gremlins had hurt her baby, “McGonagall” proceeded to taunt the gremlins, who incompetently fell off the Jeep as they crawled to attack her, and then she grabbed a trowel and leapt out to continue the assault. Sinclair blasted the gremlin on his side off of the Jeep and exited as well, with Ash following suit a moment later.

Down the road, “Erica” sliced, diced, and head-shotted her way to a victory over the gremlins who’d thought she’d be easy meat. During her victory afterglow, she proceeded to chop the sigil of a Titan off of the gremlin’s forearms, stashing the bloody bits of flesh for later.

“McGonagall” summarily bashed two of the gremlins to death with her trowel, while Ash ran another through and Sinclair riddled another with bullets. “Erica” carved these poor sods up, too. With that, the group set out for the Sinclair Estate once more, only to be greeted there by a well-dressed, immaculately clean, Mexican-Lawyer whose motorcycle was drenched in the finest English mud.

His name, he said, was Alex and he’d been sent by the Moon Foundation. After some suspicion, and accusations of killing Santa (and possible admission of guilt), Alex (now already a.k.a. Alice and Sanchez) was invited inside with the rest of the group. They settled in, but didn’t hang around, heading off to a pub to win at Pub Trivia and do research in order to pick where in Europe to start looking. After a fortuitous question brought up the works of the Brothers Grimm, the group decided on Germany, so it was back to the airport and off to the land of chocolate, fairytales, and Oktoberfest… 0 comments The Curtain Rises Edit Delete There’s a party in Vegas December 18, 2007 00:53 The story begins…

The game opened in New Orleans as Donnie Rhodes (Scion of Aphrodite from White Wolf’s canon cast) arrived in town to deliver invitations to two prospective recruits of an unidentified group holding a meeting in Las Vegas.

The two Scions Donnie met were Sir Edmond Sinclair III and Babette. After watching Babette hustle some college kids, Sinclair played a game against her, winning. It was then that Donnie, rather arrogantly, introduced himself, and asked the pair to accompany him to Las Vegas. They agreed and after a little preparation, the three set out for the City of Sin.

Along the way, the trio ran across a group of three half-biker, half-chopper monstrosities calling themselves “The Horsemen of Ixion,” which the party quickly associated with the Centaurs of Greek myth.

In this world, Las Vegas has been declared neutral territory between the gods and even titanspawn are tolerated, so long as they do not cause trouble. A group called “The Hosts” were, unsurprisingly, hosting the meeting. The consisted of six Scions who owned casinos and a titanspawn who owned a seventh casino, though the titanspawn was neither invited nor informed of the meeting taking place.

A second group, called the Moon Foundation, was also a sponsor of the event. The two groups had an offer for the gathered Scions. Those gathered could join the Hosts, creating a local and international police force to protect the neutrality of Las Vegas, or to join the Moon Foundation, working to locate weapons and relics to prepare for the imminent return of the Titans to the world. Donnie Rhodes chose to join the Hosts and left the group, but Babette, Sinclair, and several other chose to join the Moon Foundation. Assigned to be their liaison was Ash Kelly, Scion of Aranrhiod. After a few short detours, the group left for Europe and Sinclair’s estate in Britain.

The OTHER Old Game

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