The Old Game

Into the Underworld In bulletpoints forEVAR~! July 26, 2008 02:19

  • group decides to attack mafia man
  • someone beats them there, but doesn’t appear on camera
  • no bodies?
  • they reach the basement
  • it’s full of zombies!
  • A villain revealed, he’s got the artifact, and then he’s gone
  • to the underworld
  • convincing the muses
  • seeing the town
  • in town, ignored by ghosts, watched by goblins
  • saving some ghosts, fighting some goblins
  • interrogating a goblin is… not very helpful
  • The Beast, The Void, and The Machine
  • The town is free, time to head home and plan the next move

We find Treasure Just like Indy… sorta April 18, 2008 18:52

The team spent a day resting at their newly gained mansion. Leon worked on his god-scanner and did what he could to digitally secure the accounts of the last owner of the group’s home. Later in the day, he decided to hack into the computer and then into the email of a man, Dorian Enzo, who was apparently ranked above the now deceased Titanspawn, Luke went out and worked his contacts, finding a number of other potential Titanspawn mafiosos and consolidating the physical resources of the drowned man Titanspawn. He later hooked up with a girl of indeterminate age (though she was certainly NOT fourteen). Vishka tended his meditation garden and Socrates filed a travel report back to his school. Ash filed her own report to the Moon Foundation, which was greatly impressed with the work done so far. Of the less than 100 agents of the group, this team had found far more artifacts and information than any of the others. The Shadowness spent time turning her rooms into a Shadowness-cave while Hinata worked on bringing the medical room up to her standards. Kaz rested and scoped the place out.

After the day off, the group decided it was once more time to go forth and find relics. They first went to an old church in a small village near the sea. The town was fairly small, housing mostly shepherds and farmers. The group made their way unmolested to the church, which was laid out in a cross shape. Inside they found two old ladies praying. The group tried to speak to them, but the women essentially ignored the group in favor of their prayers. Unfortunately, on the spot where the relic should have been, there was nothing.

The location the group had for the relic was before a statue of St. Luke, so Kaz chose to speak with the statue while Luke and Leon went to see if they could find any clues in the less public areas of the church. Kaz learned from the statue that the church was visited nightly by a “servant of the Lord.” Furthermore, he discovered that the angel seemed to appear over the very place where the relic was supposed to be. Luke and Leon found first a fairly useless storage closet and second an office with a priest inside. He didn’t respond to questions in English or Italian (though he did speak it later), but did respond to Leon’s attempts in Latin. He argued faith with Leon for a while, then, when conversation turned to the relic, he related the tale of a woman who, on this spot, had seen an angel and altar. She used the altar to sacrifice to God. Leon pushed for further information, but the priest refused. This exchange ended with Leon grabbing the priest with his flaming arm and being called a demon for his troubles.

Leon and Luke knocked the priest out and returned to the main church, waiting for the time when the angel was said to appear. The old ladies left, bothered by the group’s presence. After some waiting an angel did appear. The group was already in position. Luke, Leon, and Vishka were closest to the spot where the altar would be. Kaz was hiding atop a statue of Jesus. Ash was resting amongst the pews. The Shadowness was watching for potential attack from outside. Hinata was near the main entrance and Socrates was reading, and editing, a Bible he’d found.

The angel appeared slowly, seeming to draw ambient light into a tighter and tigher form until it manifest. At first, it didn’t seem to care much about the party… The is, until they approached it. As had been hinted at previously, the altar was nowhere to be seen, but the angel was in it’s place. Vishka and Leon began to question the new arrival. The angel gave terse answers referring to “my lord” and implying that he was fully aware of the lineage of Titan, God, and Scion. The angel seemed content to spar verbally until he felt that the party might be on the verge of attacking. Then he erupted into blinding light. More than half the party was blinded and the angel was gone. Hinata healed the others and opened up a new dialogue with the saint statue.

Amidst the ramblings about the beauty of the angel, there was little to be gained from the statue. Leon, however, noticed that there were marks where the altar should have been on the floor. Thinking about things from a physics standpoint, Leon realized that because the angel had control over light, it was possible that it was warping light around the altar to make it invisible. While the group might not be ready to face the angel, they had discovered it’s greatest secret.

Somewhat frustrated, but not ready to pack it in, the group moved on to their next target. Meanwhile, Leon’s owl traveled through the stained-glass window and headed to the north of Italy, seeking out the location of the man who was supposedly overseeing the Titanspawn the party had defeated.

After some traveling, the group ended up outside of an abandoned auto-factory. They debated how to get in for a few minutes, until Ash simply used her sword to cut the locks off of the main gate. Once inside the group broke out their flashlights, lamps, and Leon’s flaming arm for light. Rats and roaches scurried away from the light, vanishing almost completely.

The group searched through the factory and got to the point where the relic was supposed to be, but again, there was nothing there. It was around this point that Luke noticed, via his x-ray sunglasses, the fact that the walls all had rat-sized, but cleanly made, tunnels running through them. The group started searching for the rats until they came to an old office in which Luke could see a writhing mass of cyborg’d rats. The group was a little disturbed by the discovery, but was more disturbed when a couple members of the party heard the rats whispering “is it safe,” “is it hidden,” and “do they suspect?”

The group chose to try talking to the rats, but the creatures spoke in a rather unintelligent hive-mind form and the conversation went less distance than the earlier conversation with the angel. Annoyed, the group decided the best plan of action was to kill as many of the rats as possible at once. Leon found a tank of propane and the team used their high explosive rounds to blow it, and the majority of the rats to kingdom come.

After a short further search, they found a safe which, when cracked, revealed a divine bronze set of cogs set onto a shaft. When they took this cog back to the main floor, they discovered that while it couldn’t power the entire complex, it could activate the lights while touching an electrical cord. After a little deliberation, Kaz chose to speak to the cogs, which told him that they were made by Hephaestus and used to activate relics created by the forge god, including clockwork owls like Leon’s. It was about that time that the owl checked in to let Leon know that it had scouted out the mafia man’s home. The team decided that the report was a good cue to head for their own home so that they could prepare for their next move.

Out in the World Ride the train, baby. April 01, 2008 22:16

The team started the next phase of their work by locating the warehouse formerly owned by the Titanspawn they’d defeated, which also corresponded to one of the locations that the Shadowness had identified as likely to have an artifact.

First, the group went to scout, gathering the information they needed in much the way they had during their previous attempt. Then they returned to their new base to figure out the rest of the plan. It was decided fairly quickly, though, that Ash and Socrates would wait at the newly-gained base to ensure no other Titanspawn showed up. The rest of the group would hit the warehouse much as they did the mansion. The plan was sound, but things didn’t quite go as planned.

First, Leon and his owl had trouble hacking the system. Then, the groups first assault on the guards failed. Vishka did manage to sneak in, but there was little he could do to help the others out. Finally, the group decided to run with the frontal assault they’d been pushed into.

Luke took some damage from the electrified fence, but the others managed to push it down and they moved into the warehouse area. Leon took off in another direction to distract the guards. Luke, having spotted a few guards inside, moved to take them out with his cards. Hinata moved in, as well, paralyzing a guard on her way through the warehouse. Vishka and the Shadowness took upon themselves the chance to search out the artifacts.

Eventually, they discovered the crate with armor in it, but neither could pry it open. Meanwhile, Leon had reached the roof of the other warehouse, drawing all the non-Titanspawn employed rent-a-cops. As they neared him, he did something they couldn’t match, jumping to the roof of the main warehouse and then darting through the roof access door before they could open fire.

Luke took out several more guards using his x-ray sunglasses and cards, which left the main warehouse devoid of defenders. The group met up at the crate Vishka had found and Leon finally managed to bash it open. Leon’s owl reported that the police were on their way, so the group beat a speedy retreat, making it out without any further issues.

Once home, they were met with another Scion in the employ of the Moon Foundation, Kaz. With a little banter and a few questions (and Ash’s endorsement), the former undercover cop was integrated to the group.

The group then set up to hunt down the rest of the artifacts they had locations for. The first set of coordinates brought them to an empty pier, so a little detective work was in order. First, the group met with the harbor master who was initially reluctant to give them any information. Socrates managed to convince him that he was a friend of the missing boat’s owner, though, and got the group his address. When they arrived, though, they discovered a house that had clearly been closed up to wait for it’s owner’s return from vacation. No artifacts were present so it was time for another trip to the harbor.

After more convincing, the harbor master gave the group a lead to a small resort island where a number of rich locals spent their time. After hiring a boat to take them to the island, the group made their way to look for their new target.

They found him, and a very hot woman, in bed together in his hotel room. Luke used his cards on both of them, making them both fall in love with him. Unfortunately, as they were in the act of having sex, they both instantly wanted to involve Luke, regardless of the fact that his compatriots were standing nearby. Luke ended up using a stun card on the man and promising the woman whatever she wanted later. In the room, the group discovered a statue, cut against the grain, of a peasant woman carrying baskets, which were large enough to hold small amounts of food or liquid. This was the first artifact the group found in the rich, though apparently human, man’s possession. The second was in his storage a locker, a chessboard that was able to bond to the golden pieces that the party had gathered.

The group quickly discovered that the peasant woman was a way to communicate with he muses. The first they reached was almost surly in her tone and virtually berated Leon for not using the Artifice purview, only to criticize Haephestus for not teaching him how. She passed the connection on to another muse, who was likewise surprised at Leon’s lack of knowledge regarding Artifice, but was more helpful. The group chose to return to their base to store their new gains.

While there, Leon used the statue to gain inspiration for a machine that would scan relics to determine their capabilities, also planning to find a mentor to teach him the Artifice purview. The others determined the uses of the other relics they’d gained and discussed who would be best suited to using them. In the end, the only real distribution that occurred as a vote that Vishka should take the armor, as he cannot defend himself in a fight.

After some work and rest, the group set out to the north to find more artifacts. Their first stop was a library. There was some discussion as to how to get in, but Luke wouldn’t take one for the team with the librarian who looked like Bea Arthur, so they eventually had to break in. At first, things seemed too obvious, with a giant X marking the floor where they initially thought the relic would be. It turned out, however, that the relic was actually a large stained glass window made by a well-known, though perhaps not well-renowned, artisan from the Renaissance. The window showed the countryside of Northern Italy, near the artist’s home, and when the Scions stepped onto it, they were transported to the hillside and into daylight, where formerly they had been in the night. It was a short hike to the artist’s home, where Socrates convinced the caretaker that they were students doing a project. She let them into restricted areas where they searched for relics, but found none. After a little longer, the group decided it was time to move on.

They rented scooters and rode to a train station, where their GPS told them another artifact would be. They located it in a locker, but it turned out to be something no one wanted. It was a copy of the Necronomicon, much like any that could be bought at a store, but it’s lettering seemed to be made from some reflective material. When Hinata used her gifts to ask the book, it laughed and said it was printed with the “black glass of R’lyeh” and begged the group to use it and release Cthulhu. he group instead decided to contact the Moon Foundation to come and lock the book away. They used their various abilities to convince the people in the station that they were a hazmat crew working for the local authorities and kept everyone away from the book until an agent of the Moon Foundation could arrive and take the book away.

Weary from their travels, the group headed back to their new home…

The Next Step Hitting the Hitmen March 03, 2008 03:16 The Labyrinth

Socrates showed up after having talked his way past the guards. The team got rid of the body and moved on into another area of the complex, which they’d ignored before.

This tunnel sloped down over a long stretch, with the architecture becoming first more crude and then more artful, and ended in a circular room. While Leon had been lighting the way up until this point, the group used the single torch on the far side of the room to light this chamber. Strangely, the glow from the newly lit torch was pure white. Upon doing this, the group noticed that a Chartres labyrinth was carved into the floor.

After a short discussion, Socrates decided to walk the labyrinth. As he did, Hinata noticed that the light, which was now seeming to come from everywhere, was cycling through the colors associated with the Chakras. Once Socrates reached the center, she had the further insight that the labyrinth seemed to be attuning to Socrates. He exited, not walking the path, which extinguished the light almost immediately.

Quickly, the group decided to walk the labyrinth as a group. As the passed inside, they couldn’t see the effect of the light changing, but once the group reached the center, it began to lower beneath them, bringing them down into a pit. Quickly figuring out that they’d need a back-up way out, they used the pike from an earlier guard and a length of rope from the Shadowness’ belt to set up an escape route. Leon’s automatons, who had been watching the entrance, just in case, came in closer to anchor the pike.

Once the lowering stone reached bottom, the group found themselves in a new hallway. As they moved into it, they could see that it was fairly well sculpted. Part of the way down the hall, they came across a silver-like arch with the words “This is a holy place, of worship and peace” inscribed upon it in a language seemingly made up of several dead languages. Further down the tunnel, there were more arches of the same configuration.

At the end of this tunnel was another room, much like the one the group had descended in, but there was no carved labyrinth. Instead, the room was lit with the same ambient light as before and had a single crystal jutting from the floor.

The group searched the room and kept returning to the crystal. After some discussion, the group determined that the crystal was likely orchicalcum, a mythic ore from Atlantis which had properties of both metal and crystal. The group tried to feed it legend to activate some power, but was mostly rewarded with fleeting images of other locations with the same crystals. Vishka manged to focus in, though, and realized that the other locations were actually other rooms with various features. Hinata decided to talk to said crystal.

A face grew in the crystal and spoke to the doctor. It spoke of the other crystals, of being asleep for as many as 150 years, and of a place it called “The First Place” which was likely Atlantis. After some time, Leon managed to use the information the group had gathered to locate the other crystal rooms and his Clockwork Owl managed to spot out the corresponding buildings. The group thanked the crystal and went on their way.

After doing some further research, and the use of the Shadowness’ links to mystery, the group discovered that armor they’d seen stolen in one of the visions the crystal provided had found it’s way to a warehouse. This warehouse was owned by some of the local mafia. Mafia which Luke knew was run by a titanspawn. The plan was quickly formed to raid the titanspawn’s mansion.

Luke, Vishka, and Socrates scouted on the ground, while Leon used his owl to scout from the air. Hinata and Leon also checked out the computers. In the end, the group came up with a plan to knock out the guards and trap the titanspawn in his own home.

Things went off without much of a hitch. The guards went down quickly and the titanspawn ended up trapped in his own safe-room. When the Scions found him, though, he was almost able to fend them off. He bashed them about, but in the end, he was no match for the combined might of six fully rested and well-prepared Scions. After some unsuccessful questioning, the group sent the seemingly drowned giant on to his final rest.

Now with a mansion and several guards who’d switched sides, the team readied for it’s next move…

When in Rome… The Shadow knows! February 07, 2008 04:19 St. Peter’s Square

The group arrived in Rome with little trouble. Once there, they set up shop at their hotel and set about figuring out their next step.

Across town, a doctor’s retreat was going on, with doctors from many countries and specific doctrines participating. Among them was a striking Asian woman who seemed as concerned with sizing up her fellow MDs as with the actual conference.

Among the first issues raised by the party was the idea that there might be some sort of Scion defense set up around the Vatican. It was at this point that Ash revealed that Angels have been seen among the forces assaulting the realm of the Gods on behalf of the Titans. If that was true, reasoned the group, they could be in for big trouble. The only way to be sure, though, was to check in with Gods themselves.

Leon, having decided that research was in order, headed off to the library, carefully watching for any forges on the way. Socrates found someone to argue (and drink) with, proving that the toga has yet to go out of style in Rome. The Shadowness stalked the streets of Rome, looking for crime… Which she promptly found by interrupting Luke’s game of cards with members of the local mafia. Finally, Vishka surveyed the grounds of the Vatican itself, wandering through St. Peter’s Square. No one seemed to notice.

Leon, having browsed enough and having noticed being noticed by the aforementioned doctor, who’d left the convention, purchased tickets for the next day’s noontime tour of the public areas of the Vatican. That done, he, like Vishka, headed back to the hotel. Socrates was already there, wasting away in Margaritaville. After the Shadowness interrupted a few more games of chance, Luke headed back to the base, as well.

After a short discussion, the group agreed that taking a tour was a good plan. They did so and noticed several guards during the process. What’s more, the female doctor from the day before ended up on the same tour. She and Leon had a short discussion, which ended with him discovering her name (Hinata) and asking her if she’d like to join forces with the other Scions. Hinata agreed and the team moved on to the next phase of the plan. They’d create costumes to mimic the guards and Leon and the Shadowness would escort the rest of the group in. e, he headed out and found a forge. While there, he focused on contacting his father, but instead was graced with the presence of a bike messenger with a pair of winged sandals embossed on his shirt. Hermes did confirm that the angels were fighting alongside the Titans, news Leon knew to pass on to his team at his first opportunity. He then set about making his armor, which went well. Leon returned to find all else in readiness.

During the next day, the group did indeed sneak in, with the Shadowness impersonating a guard captain. This got them access to one of the Vatican’s secret libraries. After tricking several more guards, they headed down into the catacombs. There, they discovered a number of rooms with next to nothing of value, save for a few Vatican histories, a book on magic, and a few valuable urns. That is, until the Shadowness discovered a golden pawn hiding on one of the shelves. She spent a time, and some of her legendary energy, trying to figure the piece out, but nothing seemed to work. She then used her ability to speak to the mysteries of fate to discover that someone could watch her through the pawn and that she could sever the connection she’d formed through spending time apart from the piece. After more searching the group ended up with four such pieces. Along the way they’d had an encounter with a living shadow, which had been released from a book, but Luke made it fall in love with him, which allowed him to command it to stay put in a corner of the room, ending it’s threat.

The group was ready to head back to the surface when they ran across the guard captain the Shadowness had impersonated. He implied that he knew that they were Scions and that he’d stop them, but he turned out to be all too mortal… Something which was troubling as it seemed his motives were somewhat on the deluded side for no apparent reason. 0 comments

The Curtain Rises Non-aggression? We don’t need no stinking non-aggression! January 17, 2008 19:30 The story begins…

As the game opens, the key cast is spread through various parts of Nevada. Luke Santiago, professional gambler, is in Las Vegas winning skillfully (and with x-ray specs) at poker. The debater called Socrates was also in the City of Sin for a tournament, which his team won handily. Vishka, Jainist ascetic, was resting in a cheap hotel while on a pilgrimage through the desert. Finally, Leon Alexander and the mysterious Scion called the Shadowness were in a small suburb which had been decimated by the arrival by a corrupt Scion and a pack of Dayborn Cannibals.

To each of these individuals, a messenger arrived. Luke met with Donnie Rhodes, Scion of Aphrodite, and while the two didn’t seem to be on the way to being fast friends, Luke did accept Donnie’s invitation to take a high roller suite and attend a mysterious meeting that was happening in four days time. Socrates met with Skah Buffalo-Walker, who extended much the same invitation, though this version involved a toga, and bottles of scotch, whiskey, gin, and tequila. Wishka was visited by DeJean Winters, a Scion of the Loa pantheon. The Voodoo practitioner invited the Jainist to the meeting and then left the ascetic, at the other Scion’s request, to make the trek on foot. Ash Kelly, Scion of Aranrhiod, met with Leon and the Shadowness, inviting them along and promising the pair medical treatment for two small girls who were the only survivors of the tragedy in the suburb.

Once in Las Vegas, the character spent some time getting acclimated, but nothing major happened until the day of the meeting. With a knock on his or her door, the Scions were all met by the representatives they’d previously met and led down to a large conference room beneath even the staff areas of the Luxor. There, the Hosts, Scions who ran many of Las Vegas’ casinos, and the Moon Foundation, a group no one seemed to know much about, set forward two propositions. They offered the collected Scions a chance to become the enforcers of Las Vegas’ neutrality, which the Hosts seemed to think would hold true for the Titans as well as it had for the gods, or the Scions could join the Moon Foundation in an effort to find a way to end the threat of the Titans forever.

The key cast chose the latter option, though Luke Santiago had to consider it some. The next morning, Ash gathered them up and the group decided that they would head out to breakfast. While there, they met Big Al, who seemed to know something about Scions despite being mortal. He made them all breakfast, including a 49 Flavor Omlette for Leon. Breakfast seemed like it was going to be great, but three large, hairy, barely dressed men showed up and ruined things.

For their trouble, they incurred much bad karma, one had his balls burned off, another had two tables slammed into his face and a sword put through his gut, and the last ate a bullet to the face.

In all, it wasn’t the most impressive titan-spawn attack ever.

Leon suspected that Ash had something to do with the assault, but she denied it, which seemed to make Leon more convinced. Nonetheless, the group settled on their destination: The Vatican. Once there, they planned to raid the ancient city’s fabled repositories of magical and religious artifacts…

The Old Game

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