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  • Edmund Anselm

    Edmund Anselm is a wandering warrior who travels with the Crusade, but does not work with the Crusaders. His mother, the Babylonian goddess Aruru, has charged him with protecting the innocent members of humanity threatened by the Crusade, regardless of …

  • Divya

    Divya is the Scion of Goddess Durga, one aspect of the Goddess Kali. Like her mother, Divya is called to be a protector and hunter. Unlike her mother, Divya roams to places outside of the sub-continent of India.

  • Ash

    Ash Kelly is the Scion of Aranrhiod. She spent her childhood growing up in southern Ireland without a mother and with a father who worked long hard hours to give his daughter a chance a decent life. Ash's youth was spent, nominally, at a girl's school …

  • Jerimiah Roth

    Jeremiah is a Scion who works in much the same capacity as Ash Kelly, serving as a liaison for the Moon Foundation. He has a crew cut and a bit of a sour face.

  • Skah Buffalo-Walker

    Skah is well aware that he is a child of prophecy. Afterall, a white buffalo calf was born on the very same day as he on the very same farm in the very same reservation. He and the calf have traveled together since that day. His mother, White Buffalo …

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