Tabitha 'TJ' Jordan

A biker, environmentalist and paranormal hunter from the Pacific Northwest.

Agility: d6
Alertness: d6
Strength: d8
Intelligence: d8
Vitality: d8
Willpower: d6
Derived Attributes
Life Points (Vit+Wil): d8 + d6 + d4(tough) = 18
Initiative (Agi+Ale): d6 + d6
Endurance (Vit+Wil): d8 + d6
Resistance (Vit+Vit): d8 + d8
General and Specialty Skills
Artistry d2
Athletics d4
Covert d2
Drive d6
specialty Motorcycles d8
Guns d6
specialty Shotguns d8
Heavy Weapons
Influence d6
Knowledge d4
Mechanic ! d6
Medicine ! d2
Melee Weapons d6
Perception d6
Pilot !
Ranged Weapons
Science !
Survival d4
Tech !
Unarmed Combat d6
! – Skilled only
Tough (d4)
Gearhead (d4)
Born Behind the Wheel (d4) – Motorcycles
Hooked (d4) – Tattoos
Memorable (d4)
Rebellious (d4)
Type Damage Range Ammo
Baseball Bat d6 B -
Sawed-off Pump Shotgun d10 W 15 8
Light Pistol d4 W 40 6
Type Armor Rating Covers Penalty Special Notes
Shotgun (Sawed-off Pump)
Baseball bat (aluminum)
Light Pistol (.22)
Standard rounds
Shotgun shells (primary ammunition)
Shotgun slugs
First Aid Kit
Motorcycle Dimension 7×2.5×4 feet
Passengers 2 Range 185 miles
Agi d6 Str d2 Vitd4 Ale d0
Int d0 Wil d4 Init d6 + d0
LP 6 Scale Large Speed 3
Action Difficulty
Action Diff/Extrordinary
Easy 3 / 10
Average 7 / 14
Hard 11 / 18
Formidable 15 / 22
Heroic 19 / 26
Incredible 23 / 30
Ridiculous 27 / 34
Impossible 31 / 38
Advancement Costs
Point Type AP Cost
1 Attribute Point 8
1 Trait Point 7
1 Skill Point 3
Advancement Points
Gained Spent
12 6
added step to influence


TJ, who hasn’t been called Tabitha (and certainly not “Miss Jordan”) for almost two decades, is hard to mistake for anything but a woman, but is hardly anyone’s idea of a flower, princess, or damsel in distress. Typically she is dressed in jeans, muscle tees, leathers, and/or tank tops. TJ is fit and toned, and while not appearing to be a ‘roided up monster, she is quite strong and proud of it. She keeps her black hair (though it’s actually naturally a chestnutty-brown) about shoulder length. It’s rare that she’s far from her red and black Indian Cruiser or the bag of gear and clothes she carries with her from hunt to hunt.

TJ has a total of 17 tattoos, most small and ultimately concealable, though she is definitely hooked on the process. She has intricate Celtic knots on both inner wrists, a dragon sleeve on her left arm, an iron cross between the knuckles of her ring and middle fingers on her right hand, and numerous other images on her right arm. Most of recent images are related to hunts she’s been on, both successful and not. Particularly, this includes the Celtic knots and the iron cross.


Tabitha, who has been called TJ since she was 5 years old, is a self-described “tomboy, tattooed biker-grrl.” Born in Portland, Oregon, Tabitha was raised by loving parents, who could tolerate and nature their daughter’s boyishness but couldn’t fathom the raging anger and rebelliousness that developed in her teenage years. TJ dated her share of both boys and girls, spent nights both at home and on the streets, and worked in a downtown Portland garage for spare cash. While TJ never got into drugs (aside from pot, which she thinks hardly counts), she’s been known to drink middle-aged men under the table.

She got her first tattoo at 15 with her mother’s permission, and has gotten a total of 17 since that day. She has intricate Celtic knots on both inner wrists, a dragon sleeve on her left arm, an iron cross between the knuckles of her ring and middle fingers on her right hand, and numerous other images on her right arm, as well as several that can only be seen in more initiate settings. Like many individuals with numerous tattoos, TJ has gained a strong affinity for the tattooing process and intends to have an anti-monster slogan added to her collection when “all this is over.”

TJ has loved cars and motorcycles since she was a small child. Among her first words was “vroom” and it remained a family catchphrase for TJ until the day she left home. TJ turned that love into a true passion, studying cars and later gaining employment at a garage, where she learned the ins and outs of car and motorcycle repair and maintenance. TJ bought her first motorcycle at 17 with money saved from the garage. Since then, she’s had three, each newer, louder, and bigger than the last. Her current ride is an Indian cruiser.

It was that same cruiser which she rode from Portland to Santa Cruz, to visit her cousin. She was in Santa Cruz when her hunting career began. While roaming the streets of Santa Cruz, the pair decided to stop at one of the antique shops on the main drag. There, TJ’s cousin bought a small locket with the picture of a soldier inside. The locket turned out to be linked to an unquiet spirit, who took the new owner of the locket to be the same woman who’d left him while he was overseas and had her new beau kill him when he returned to disrupt their relationship. TJ managed to save her cousin, but couldn’t simply go back to riding aimlessly knowing that there really were creatures who went bump in the night.

Curiously, TJ does have a softer side. She’s mostly a vegetarian, not eating anything “that used to be fuzzy.” She cares about those she befriends, willing to sacrifice and protect them regardless of if they want it or not. She feels strongly about equal rights. But she’ll punch your lights out if you point out how caring she can be.

Tattoo List

1 – Celtic knot, right inner wrist

2 – Celtic knot, left inner wrist

3 – Iron cross, right hand between ring and middle knuckles (WWII Ghost)

4 – Chinese dragon, left bicep (poltergeist in China Town)

5 – Dryad, left shoulder blade (ghost in Olympic National Park)

6 – Moon, right bicep near elbow (Werewolf)

7 – Leaf, left calf (ghost in cherry orchard)

8 – Five-point star, right ankle (Monterrey ghost)

9 – Dream catcher, base of neck down between shoulder blades (Oklahoma ghost)

10 – Four-point star, right hip (Met Jane and Mick?)

11 – Gargoyle, right forearm (demon at church)

12 – Goat horns, left forearm (possessed goat bodies)

13 – Eye, between goat horns on left forearm (dead girls)

14 – Book, left ankle (ghoul)

15 – Wolf print, right shoulder (wolves who walk as men)

16 – Sharp toothed grin, right bicep (gremlins)

17 – undecided (St. Patty’s Day demons)

Tabitha 'TJ' Jordan

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