Shae McGuffin

Steampunk Scion of Morrigan


Full Name: Shae McGuffin

Aliases: -

Calling: Steampunk Inventor

Nature: Visionary

Pantheon: Tuatha

God: The Morrigan


Physical Social Mental
Strength ••••(X)(X) Charisma •• Perception •••
Dexterity •••• Manipulation •• Intelligence •••(X)
Stamina •••(X)(X) Appearance ••• Wits •••(X)


Animal Ken ••
Academics ••
Athletics •••
Awareness ••
Brawl ••
Control ••
Empathy •••
Fortitude ••
Integrity ••
Marksmanship ••
Melee ••
Science) •••


  • English, Aboriginal, Welsh


helmet Relic ••• Access animal, water purviews, Mimic Scent the Divine,
chestpiece Relic •••• Simulates lamellar armor, mobility pen. 0, Fatigue 0, +2B soak
boots Relic •• Mimic Lightning Sprinter, Mimic Holy Bound
gauntlets ••• Simulates Brass Knuckles, +2L


  • Gauntlets (per knucks)

Epic Appearance, Epic Strength, War


Brehon’s Eyes Eneach
Animal Communication Animal (Eel)
Water Breathing Water •
Water Control Water ••

Willpower ••••••


Courage •••
Expression ••
Intellect •••


  • Hurl to the Horizon
  • Uplifting Might
  • Holy Fortitude
  • Damage Conversion
  • Fast Learner
  • Don’t Read the Manual


  • Dodge DV: 5
  • Join Battle: 5 + 1 Epic


Bashing 5 Lethal 4 Aggravated 2


Chestpiece(lamellar) 4B 4L

Legend •••

Legend Points: 9/9


  • Total: 0
  • Spent: 0
  • Remaining: 0

Shae was born in Australia to a mother who vanished shortly after childbirth and a father who only ever wanted to be an inventor. Unfortunately, the elder McGuffin was gifted not only with an unfortunate last name (especially for an inventor), but also with a talent for only inventing things that had already been long created or were completely unnecessary. The first of his experiments Shae ever experienced was a crib that rocked itself, so that the elder McGuffin could continue his work while still having his child lulled to sleep.

As soon as Shae was old enough, old Bill McGuffin, brought his child into the family business. Shae could build, carry, reach, and solder the way other children could ride a bike, kick a ball, or run a mile. Still, Shae was no slouch in the physical activities available to the young Aussie.

When Shae was still young, the younger McGuffin was often pegged by unfamiliar parties as both a boy and girl. As Shae grew older, that ambiguity remained, a by-product of Bill’s total lack of fashion sense and tendency to grab the first item of clothing he found at the store on his way to the hardware department. Shae only ever noticed something was different when another person mentioned it, but was unbothered personally by Shae’s mostly androgynous physical appearance.

As a pre-teen and tween, Shae got into first science-fiction and then Steampunk. The younger McGuffin’s favorite stories were of clockwork dolls and the child’s idol was the pulp hero The Cobalt Copper. Given his own love for invention, Bill finally found a way to relate to his child on a more fatherly level, providing young Shae with books, comics, and videos all about Steampunk at every opportunity.

After some time, Shae began trying to build her own clockwork devices. At first, the only clockwork anything she could get to work was a clock. But after her father built her a “workroom” (really a shed with a full compliment of tools and magnifiers), Shae did manage to create windup dolls. These dolls were typically designed after Steampunk pulp heroes and Shae took them to the local fair to sell. Most, if not all, were bought by a strange dark-haired woman, with a crow’s feather in her hair, an eel-skin jacket, a wolf’s head belt buckle, and cow-leather pants. This woman always piqued Shae’s curiosity, but the youngster could never ask her questions before the woman paid and was gone.

Shae’s androgyny stayed with the younger McGuffin even as a teen, leaving Shae out of most teen experiences, such as a first kiss, first dance, and even team sports. Despite the sting of missing out on those things, Shae found solace in invention, enjoying the reliability of clockwork and steam. One day, just after Shae’s seventeenth birthday, the woman who’d bought Shae’s clockwork dolls appeared at the McGuffin’s door. She introduced herself as The Morrigan, which Shae initially mistook for an arrogant title.

In reality, the woman was the goddess Morrigan, Shae’s absent mother. She had come for both Shae and Bill. It was Bill’s time to pass on; he’d been battling cancer for 17 years and the death goddess had finally come to collect him. Shae, on the other hand, was revealed to be a Scion, a child of the gods, destined to fight the Titans. Morrigan provided her child with a set of armor, modeled after the toys Shae had created. Then, before Shae could gain answers to the questions the teen had harbored for nearly two decades, both Morrigan and Bill were gone. Shae was left alone.

Determined to not waste the items granted by Morrigan, Shae became an adventurer like all the Steampunk icons Shae had read about as a child.

Shae McGuffin

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