Noah 'Bata' James

Loa Scion of Shango and Advisor to the people


Full Name: Noah James

Aliases: Bata, Advisor

Calling: Voudoun Priest

Nature: Visionary

Pantheon: Loa

God: Shango


Physical Social Mental
Strength •• Charisma ••••(X)(X) Perception ••••
Dexterity ••• Manipulation ••• Intelligence ••••
Stamina •• Appearance •• Wits •••


Academics •••
Art – Painting ••
Athletics •••
Awareness •••
Command ••
Empathy •••
Fortitude ••
Integrity ••
Melee ••••
Occult ••••
Politics ••
Presence ••••
Survival ••


  • English, French, Spanish,


Ajá êka igi •• Access Death, Justice Purviews
The Shango Braid •• Access Sky, Prophesy Purviews
The Good Guardian +2B soak


Name Acc DMG DEF SPD Rng Clip
Ajá êka igi +2 3B +2 6 NA NA


Cheval ••
Sky ••

Willpower ••••••


Order •••
Piety •••
Vengeance ••


  • Never Say Die
  • Benefit of the Doubt


  • Dodge DV: 5
  • Join Battle: 6


Bashing 2 Lethal 1


The Good Guardian 2B 0L

Legend •••

Legend Points: 9/9


  • Total: 0
  • Spent: 0
  • Remaining: 0

Noah is part a long lineage of Voudon priests and priestesses. His family believes themselves to be descendents of the Loa gods, each member of the family filled with divine blood. For generations, they have offered their bodies up to the control of the Loa during every act of human life, including intimate ones. Throughout the ages, when a particularly devout (or attractive) family member the gods have participated more fully, resulting in a true divine child, a Scion.

Such it was for Noah. He was conceived while his father was possessed by the Priest-king of the Loa, Shango. His mother (called Madame Zana), the most powerful and pious priestess of the family, knew she was pregnant instantly and nine days later, she gave birth to the first of her two sons, Noah. Nine months later, Noah’s twin brother Evan was born.

Noah was gifted with the blood of Shango and was taught of his father’s divinity from the moment he could listen. He was taught of the thunder of his divine father. He was taught of the law and Shango’s practice of raising up one leader, one advisor, and one warrior from each generation of his Scions. His mortal mother instructed Noah in the ways of Voodoo and his mortal father instructed Noah in the ways of the world. Evan, not a Scion, was hardly less divine in the minds of the community and was instructed in many of the same ways, chosen to be the new head of the family should Noah be called into Shango’s direct service.

It was to no one’s surprise, then, when Noah received his visitation at sixteen during a Mardi Gras celebration in his native New Orleans. Shango deemed the education of Noah worthy of this generation’s Advisor, a title of respect Noah has held in Voodoo circles since. Noah quickly became the trusted and respected Voudon guide to many of the priests and priestesses in New Orleans. Evan, now called Little Ev, ascended to his mother’s side as the destined head of the family. Noah, too, had earned a new name; Bata he was called, after Shango’s three-headed drum. His deep, constant voice had the power of the drum to soothe and steady the people.

When problems of divine or titanic nature arose in New Orleans, Noah was quick to respond. He used the gifts Shango had provided him to talk down riots and devise cleaver traps for more powerful foes. He carried always Shango’s dog-headed staff, the Ajá êka igi, which granted him access to godly powers and was useful, on occasion, for beating sense into wayward souls. Around his waist he wore the Shango Braid, strips of red and white cloth which allowed Noah to take to the sky, and across his shoulders was always draped the trenchcoat called the Good Guardian, enhanced to better protect the vulnerable Advisor.

When a hurricane decimated New Orleans, Noah, like his namesake, sought to save the people and animals of his domain. He convinced many families to flee who otherwise would have remained. He saved those he could, flying to pluck stranded folk from their rooftops. His family home was devastated, though, and Little Ev was furious that his divine brother “had done nothing.” To the regret of all the family, he banished Noah, who accepted the decree of the family’s new head. Since then, Noah has wandered the United States, doing what he can to advise and protect the people, while looking ahead to a time when he can reconcile with his brother.

Noah 'Bata' James

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