Arthur Emyrs

Ex-UKSF Scion of Nuada


Nature: Autocrat
Pantheon: Tuatha De Dannen
God: Nuada

Strength:  •••        Charisma:     •••         Perception:   ••••
Dexterity: •••(1) Manipulation: •• Intelligence: •••(1)
Stamina: •••(2) Appearance: •• Wits: ••••(2)
Athletics:  •••       Command:    •••       Investigation:  ••         Presence:  ••
Awareness: •• Fortitude: ••• Marksmanship: ••• Stealth: ••
Brawl: ••• Integrity: ••• Melee: ••• Survival •••
Loyalty ••••            Duty ••                Conviction ••             Valor ••

Opening Gambit (Wits), Adaptive Fighting (Wits), Untouchable Opponent (Dex), Damage Conversion (Sta), Self-Healing (Sta), Fight With Your Head (Int)

Brahon’s Eye (Enech •), Blessing of Bravery (War •), Aegis (Guardian ••)

The Lady of The Lake (Guide •••): The Lady of the Lake is a Powerful Demigod level Nymph, currently she provides less support than, maybe, she should; she feels Arthur needs to prove himself on his own merit if he is to embrace his destiny. By channeling 1 legend into a volume of water, Arthur can contact her
Excalibur’s Sheath (Relic ••): Access to the purviews of Guardian and Health. Excalibur’s Sheath also grants Arthur +2B/2L Soak that stacks with other armor.
Excalibur (Relic •••): Access to the purviews of Justice, War and Sun. Excalibur grants Arthur bonus dice equal to his legend to Command Rolls and +1 Accuracy.

Excalibur Accuracy 7(1), Damage 7L, Parry DV 4, Speed 4
Beretta Accuracy 7(1), Damage 7L*, Range 20, Clip 15, Speed 4, Piercing
FN-P90 Accuracy 7(1), Damage 7L*, Range 50, Clip 50, Speed 5, Piercing/Autofire

Join Battle: 6(2) or spend 1 legend to use Opening Gambit

Dodge DV: 5         Untouchable Opponent: 6
Soak: 5B/3L/2A Armor: +2B/2L/2A (B) Sheath: +2L/2B Total: 9B/7L/4A

Legend •••
Legend Points: 9
Willpower: ••••••

-0 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]   -2 [ ]    I [ ]

XP: 9

Bonus Point Expenditure
7 bonus points | Raise Legend to 3
3 bonus points | Buy Lady of the Lake (Guide •••)
3 bonus points | Increase Loyalty from 3 to 4
1 bonus point | Increase Command from 2 to 3
1 bonus point | Increase Integrity from 2 to 3


Arthur Emyr was a member of the UKSF (United Kingdoms Special Forces) by way of Wales, he was one of the UKSF counterterrorist units sent into Iraq, while following intel of a suspected terrorist hole, he lead his entire unit into a mystic ambush – some sort of enchantment put them all to sleep briefly – giving the cultists enough time to drug them. During this point, Arthur received his visitation – accelerating the rate at which he burned off the sedative.

When he came too, he found himself bound, hands behind his back, kneeling. His hands were also lashed to a metal ring set into the stone floor. He didn’t open his eyes yet – he was still dizzy and needed to get his bearings and preserve the essence of surprise. He heard strange chanting, and when he finally risked cracking his eyelids, he saw he was one of a dozen men chained in a semi-circle around a pit (the rest of his unit included), they sat in tracks running to the center of the pit, where green flames lept and burnt – and he swore he could see strange flickering ephemeral snakes in those flames. He also saw that a cultist was just leaning over the man to his left, the dagger went in and across, spilling his innards, the blood pooled beneath him and raced down the track towards the hungry green flames.

The cultist walked up to him, he feigned sleep, but quickly worked his hands free of the knot, the cultist leaned down and he looked up directly into the cultists eyes, who paused, terrified of what he saw in Arthur’s eyes. Arthur broke his neck and stood, stealing his knife. A dozen men charged him that day, he killed each of them quickly, efficiently, he didn’t notice then – for he was good at what he did, but this went above and beyond that, he dispatched a dozen men whether they came at him singly or by six men, all without a scratch.
Then a blow struck him that sent him hurtling half-a-dozen feet into a wall, battered and shaken but clear-headed he turned to stare at the 8-foot man that seemed to be some sort of Golem of sand wearing the military uniform of Hussein’s military. A long tireless battle waged between the two goliaths before Arthur was able to kick the thing into the pit of green flames, the Sand-Giant itself never uttered a sound – but as it feel Arthur heard a spinechilling shriek of defeat and knew it came from something far more horrible.

3 of the potential sacrifices remained alive, but they were unconcious the whole time. Arthur found his radio, and headed up from the catacombs to radio for assistance before returning to the remaining victims.

Several psychological evaluations and reports later, Arthur was givin a leave of absence due to the emotional distress of the events that transpired in that basement. He returned home and quickly grew stir-crazy and so he set off to just kind of wander. Eventually his wanderlust brought him to a field at the edge of thick woods, a strange old man beckoned him into the woods, and the curious situation was enough to raise his interest and so into the woods he went, as the old man talked to him about strange things gods and myths and legends that walked. He told Arthur of his father, Nuada, King of the Celtic Gods. Arthur was two people in this situation – the rational man that could not come to grips with such things being true, and the man who fought a dozen cultists giving sacrifice to green flames and ghostly serpents before he did battle with a goliath made of sand.

Before Arthur could really grasp his own feelings on the matter, they came to a lake. “Arthur,” the old man, told him, “you must prove worthy.” As he turned to ask the man what he meant, he saw a figure step from the trees, a massive man in black plate-mail armor, wielding a black sword. Something nagged his memmories. “defeat the Black Knight, Arthur. And claim your birthright.”

Arthur was a trained warrior, deadly with or without a weapon, but the Black Knight was deadly as well, and he had a sword. A long and painful combat later, Arthur stood barely triumphant over the Black Knight, and as soon as the Black Knight said the words “I yield.” A graceful hand rose from the lake, bearing aloft a finely crafted sword. The beautiful nymph in green offered Excalibur to its rightful wielder.

Arthur stayed there for 3 days and 3 nights learning from Merlin, the Lady of the Lake and the Black Knight. Many thing, he learned, but mostly what they focused on was swordsmanship – as what good was Excalibur to one who couldn’t wield it.

Arthur, obviously, is created to fullfil the prophesized messanic return of King Arthur.

Wish List
Knack: Instant Assessment (Wits)
Knack: Trick Shooter (Dex)
knack: Holy Rampage (Str) → Armor Crusher (Str)

Arthur Emyrs

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