Antoinette (Annie) Benoit


Nature: Survivor
Pantheon: The Loa
God: Erzulie

Strength:  ••         Charisma:      ••••(1)    Perception:   •••
Dexterity: ••(1) Manipulation: •••(1) Intelligence: ••
Stamina: •••(1) Appearance: •••• Wits: ••••(1)
Animal Ken:    •         Empathy:        ••        Medicine:       •         Stealth:     ••
Art(? ? ?): ••• Integrity: •• Melee: •• Survival: ••
Athletics: ••• Investigation: • Occult: •••
Awareness: ••• Larceny: •• Politics: ••
Brawl: •• Marksmanship: •• Presence: •••
Harmony •••             Order ••                Piety •             Vengeance •••

Untouchable Opponent (Dex), Damage Conversion (Sta), Never Say Die (Cha), Takes One To Know One (Man), Rabbit Reflexes (Wit)

Rada’s Eyes (Cheval •), Eye Of The Storm (Chaos •), Mystery ••, Vigil Brand (Guardian •)

Gris Gris Charm Necklace (Relic ••): Adds Legend to Charisma + Presence rolls. Allows access to the Center of Attention knack.
Ribbon (Relic ••): Works as Brass Knuckles. Damage Converted to Lethal. Adds Legend to Dexterity + Brawl.
Snake (Guide ••): Matako is a seven foot long Burmese Python. His rate of growth has been slowed down supernaturally, allowing him to ‘grow up’ with Annie. He is new to the Guide gig, but can also speak to the honored ancestors, allowing Annie access to their lifetimes of experience, when they decide that Matako is worth answering

Ribbon Accuracy 8(1), Damage 4L, Parry DV 3, Speed 4

Join Battle: 7(1)

Dodge DV: 5         Untouchable Opponent: 6
Soak: 4B/2L/1A *

Legend •••
Legend Points: 9
Willpower: ••••••

-0 [ ] [ ] [ ]  -1 [ ] [ ]  -3 [ ]   I [ ]

Bonus Point Expenditure


Annie was born in Bel Air, a poverty affected suburb of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Her father, Stephane Benoit, was the leader of the Neighborhood Protection Force, trading protection of families and business for favors, money and most importantly, runners. To keep his little section of the slums safe, Stephane made deals with the larger gangs around him as well as the cartels that controlled major swaths of the city. But his real treasure was the woman who kept him going. Maria Freda had come out of nowhere one day, offering fortunes read and mysteries answered. She had no money to pay for protection for her small stand, but offered favors for Stephane and fortunes told for his followers. It wasn’t long before Maria came to Stephane and told him they were going to have a family.

Annie had everything she could want, even in the slums. Both her parents doted on her, as well as the rest of the neighborhood. Her early childhood was spent pretending to be a princess slaying all the dragons and evil knights she could find, riding into battle on the back of a lion, war paint and claws of her own the only things needed to protect her.

Just before her sixth birthday, Annie’s mother disappeared as quietly and quickly as she had arrived. Unable to find her, or figure out what happened, Stephane poured more and more attention into his search for her, quickly driving it to the point of obsession. Still too young to understand what was going on, Annie tried to convince her father of Maria’s safety, that she had merely returned to her other home. Stephane brushed her words off as a child’s, and let everything else slip by the side, including his arrangements with other gangs around the city. Slowly at first, then faster, outside groups encroached onto Stephane’s territory. Noticing his spiral into depression and obsession, his own gang members started making alliances and slipping away, wanting to save their own skins.

Finally only Stephane and Annie were left. Then those that Stephane had made deals with came looking for him. Not caring why he’d let his grasp on his territory slip away, they demanded his end of the deals he made be maintained, or they’d take their pound of flesh, one way or another. Too far gone in his delusions by this point, Stephane said he didn’t care what happened. His beautiful Maria would come and save him, that she had promised him she’d always keep her family safe.

Coming back from what passed for a school in the slums, Annie happened to walk in just in time to see her father shot and die right in front of her. Not knowing what to do with the little girl, one of the men present was about to shoot her as well, when Antoine Guillaume, being ridden by Erzulie herself, stopped him. Instead, he decided that he would take the girl as his own.

So Annie grew up in Miami, Florida as the daughter of Haitian immigrant Antoine Guillaume, a princess of the cartel. While her early childhood was not forgotten, her brain in an effort to heal the trauma of her father’s death, substituted pieces of information and blurred others over time so that by her tenth birthday, the name Stephane Benoit was something foreign to her.

As she grew up, Antoine’s mother insisted that the girl needed a female presence as well, and was around to help raise her. It was Rachelle that taught Annie the ways of her ancestors and of the Loa. These things she learned from her grandmother. From Antoine, she learned business, both good and ruthless, and how to talk a man out of everything he has. From school she learned that while the color of her skin could affect more than a tan, money when properly applied to a situation could make most people colorblind. And from her dreams, she learned of her mother.

Erzulie made sure that she was never out of contact with Annie, that her daughter was well looked after and cared for. Many years before when such things were more common, Rachelle had been a priestess for the mother Loa, and so it was no coincidence that Antoine had decided to keep the child he had found. Through her dreams, Erzulie told Annie who and what she was, and that should the time come when Annie most needed help, she would come and aid her daughter. In the mean time, Matako would look out for her.

Other children grew up with imaginary friends. Annie grew up with a talking snake. One morning, after a dream conversation with her mother about wanting to talk to someone her own age who understood what was going on, Matako was coiled at the foot of her bed, his head resting on the bend of her knee. While he was there to guide and protect her for Erzulie, he was young himself, and decided that they should figure things out together. After that, rarely was Annie seen without her python draped around her shoulders.

Antoinette (Annie) Benoit

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